Please note:
  • Before applying for a hike: Ensure you are reasonably fit for the hike and be aware of the demands of the terrain to be encountered.

  • Please contact the hike leader should you have any questions.

  • The Club obtains the necessary permits and documentation for the hike.

  • Acceptance on any hike is subject to the hike leader’s approval and is done according to hiking criteria, including the hike’s level of difficulty.

  • At the discretion of the hike leader, hike bookings will be opened to non-members.

Hike application procedure:
  • Members apply to join the hike.
  • The applicants are put on the hike list which is opened by the Hike Booking Co-ordinator.
  • The hike leader confirms the hike list (and puts additional qualifying members on a reserve list).
  • Hikers are informed by the Hike Booking Co-ordinator via email that:
    • The hiker is on the hike:
    • Payment details are given (with a one-time password).
    • The payment deadline is given.
    • The payment portal is closed after the payment deadline.
    • If payment is not received in time, the place is offered to the next person on the reserve list.
    • The hiker is on the reserve list and may be contacted if there is a cancellation.
    • The hiker is unfortunately not on the hike as the hike is full.
  • The hike is taken off the hike calendar.
Cancellation Procedures
  • Since payments received will be remitted to the authorities concerned, refunds cannot be considered.
  • A hiker that cancels their booking for a hike should inform the hike leader and the Hike Bookings Co-ordinator immediately.
  • The cancelling hiker will be given the names on the reserves list. It is their responsibility to obtain a replacement from this list.
  • The refund of any booking fee is a matter between the person cancelling and the person filling their place.